29 July 2007

Fieldtrip to Springfield...WA?

Welcome to Kwik-E-Mart, the home of $1.79 Squishees and $3.99 6-packs of Buzz cola. So, one of our 7-Elevens was turned into a Kwik-E-Mart for July to promote the new Simpsons movie. I've been a Simpsons fan since the first seasons when we would sneak to watch episodes with the volume turned low. (We weren't allowed because my Mom thought it was inappropriate although compared to today's TV it's Sesame Street). But still, I’m a little skeptical of this movie. Can they have any new jokes left after already making 400 episodes? Plus, it's hard to justify forking out $9 to see the movie when you can watch about 4 televised episodes daily for free.

Marge, let me help you with your bag. Hey, if you're not busy tonight...

Squishees taste just like Slurpees. It's a conspiracy!

My favorite part about Kwik-E-Mart? The clerk talked and looked just like Abu. I asked for a Mr. Burns bobblehead and here's what happened:
Abu (picture an Indian accent): “Barney?”
Me: “No, Mr. Burns.”
Abu: “Barney?”
Me: "No, Mr. Burns.”
Abu: “Oh, Burns”
Then Abu went into the backroom to look for Mr. Burns and came back with a Barney. D’oh!

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two forks said...

although i was one of the first simpsons viewers... begging to stay up late to watch it on the tracy ulman show... i have not kept the love for it that christian has. but i would see the move JUST for the spider pig part!