29 July 2007

Glamour Shots by Deb

I have a funny brother. This year for his birthday he sent me $50 and said he wanted us to get studio photos done and to send him a couple of the prints. (He's going to Iraq soon). So we went to Sears this weekend and got in line behind two yuppie Seattle parents doing a photo shoot of their 1-year-old. I was skeptical of some of the poses the photo girl made us do. Here's why:

Prom 2007! The photo girl told me to put my hand closer to Robin's butt. "It's okay," she said, "you're married."

Twister anyone? Right foot Green! Left foot Red! Left arm Yellow!

Here, you look at the camera while I look at you. And hold my hands while you do it. It'll look great, I promise!

The photo girl said to imagine I was weightless and surrounded by tiny little seahorses. Personally, I was looking for something a little more billowy.


two forks said...

absolutely HIDEOUS!!!! all i have to say is when are all of my photographer friends moving out here so we don't EVER have to succumb to this again!??!!?

mdcoombs said...

when we got our shots done, target photo girl wanted us to take off our wedding rings and cup them in our hands together..."will they come off?" she asked. i looked at david, looked at her and said, "no thanks. how about we do something else?"