29 July 2007

Johnny Five is Alive!

I know every child of the 80's loved the Short Circuit movies. That Johnny Five was just so irresistible. And who didn't shed a tear when he, near death in the above scene, managed to eek out, "Johnny Five is....alive."

So, I alert you to this. Let's pitch in and win this auction and bring Johnny home! He doesn't deserve to live in a movie studio warehouse for the rest of his life! He could be fighting crime, vacuuming a house, or making a mixed drink.

Send your check today. We still need $99,900 and there are only 4 days left in the auction!


two forks said...

just so we're clear, this will be yet another one of your prize possessions which will be banished to the office!

Ben said...

I finally got to a computer and saw that you have this great blog. How wonderful!!!

Anyway, I loved Short Circuit as a kid and, interestingly, if you watch the preview for the next Pixar movie (Wall-E), the robot looks an awful like Johnny 5. Rip off!!!

Anyway, the template of the blog is great. Did I send you that picture?