27 July 2007

Take me down to Chocolate City...

...where the drugs are dealt and the hookers aren't pretty.

There's this club in Seattle called Chocolate City. Basically you could drive by at any time, day or night, and see a number of people loitering, rif-raffing, busking, drinking from mysterious brown paper bags, turning tricks, or dealing drugs outside. Cops were often in their patrol cars nearby. I had heard it's the most dangerous corner in Seattle because of all the drug deals that went down there. Lucky for us, it's right across the street from our neighborhood Safeway. So, it was hard to resist wondering what lay inside this Xanadu that is Chocolate City. My old roommate, Tom, and I always bragged that we would one day stop by this "club" and play pinball, get a drink, or do something. (Deep down I was always scared, though.)

Unfortunately, that day never came because Chocolate City lost its liquor license and is now kaput. And all its one-time "customers" have gone too. Seeing our opportunity, Tom and I recently stopped by for a visit to experience Chocolate City and had a helping of loitering. I guess without the drugs it's not that fun because we got bored after 5 minutes or so. But here are some pictures from our trip.

I wore my Redskins jersey to fit in with the usual crowd.

While we were enjoying ourselves, someone who didn't look like a Chocolate City resident drove by in his SUV and honked and waved and started laughing. That's right Chocolate City, there's a new sheriff in town.


the guitarist from hell said...

You junior thug, you. I can't believe you have succumbed to the blog pressure pervading society today. I am shocked.

Braun Family said...

one word: absolutely frightening.

two forks said...

hey! give me my props yo! that's right, i was the straight up photographer for this loitering action.