31 August 2007

Cat House

Last week a cat house suddenly appeared in the common area behind our building. Yes, that's right, a cat house. I didn't even know cats lived in cat houses but they do.

Questions I have about cat houses:

  • How does the cat know the cat house is for him?
  • How much is the cat paying in cat house rent?
  • What if a dog came over and said to the cat, "Listen dude, cats generally don't live in houses; dogs do. I want your cat house." What would the cat do? Would he defend his digs?
  • How would the cat go about inviting a lady cat over to his cat house? Would he invite her in for some warm milk after a date?
  • If the cat invited a lady cat over to spend the night in his cat house, would she respond, "Oh, sounds lovely," or "What, you have a cat house?" and sound very confused?
I may never know the answers but I'll leave my camera by the window in case I see a pair of cats awkwardly coming out of the cat house together early one morning on their way to work.

Here's the cat house. Do you see the cat leisurely sunning himself? He probably has a date tonight.
Anyway, my guess is that our friendly landlord, Francie, put the cat house there. I don't have a picture of her but here's the Mii we made which basically looks just like her.

Thank you Francie for our new cat house.


Jerkolas said...

Bizarre. Everything is equal opportunity for everyone in Seattle regardless of gender, religion, race or apparently species.

Your questions are very appropriate and thoughtful and they serve to further illustrate the inferiority of cats to dogs.

two forks said...

oh how that looks JUST LIKE francie... i love it. i am going to buy some water guns on the way home just in case the cats get too frisky in their house o' magic.

the guitarist from hell said...

Cats are against the law in Phoenix.