15 August 2007

SECRETS (picture a whispery voice when you read that)

Robin always seems to roll her eyes when I watch sports (although somehow shows like Big Brother, October Road, and Gilmore Girls are cool). But now I have proof that she secretly likes one of my favorite sports shows, Pardon the Interruption (weekdays on ESPN at 5:30pm ET)!!!

The loveable Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon.
Here's the proof, taken directly from my Gmail chat history!!! Now, if only I can get her on board the Wii train! Ben, can I come play at your house?
(If the picture of Robin looks familiar to you late night TV watchers, here's why)


two forks said...

let me just set the record straight:

1. i DO heart wilbon.
2. pti is a well done, to-the-point, HALF HOUR broadcast!
3. i DO NOT watch "big brother." On occasion i record "brothers & sisters", which christian wrongly has dubbed "big brother."

Amanda said...

I used to like PTI, or at least I pretended I did so Ben would think I was the coolest girlfriend ever. Now they have too many subs in for Mike and Tony that it just isn't worth watching anymore, though I will occasionally watch with Ben. I'll think about letting you play with the Wii.

Jerkolas said...

PTI is a show that everyone can enjoy. It is only a half hour which as best I can tell is at least 1/2 hour shorter than all the shows Christian listed that do suit your tastes. Hmmmmm.

Nice post.

Sunny said...

Robin needs to get on the Wii train. Choo choo! Seriously, tell her to get going so we can compete. Tell her it is like DDR but with her fingers.