23 August 2007

Tina, eat the ham!!!

Robin and I went to see Napoleon Dynamite for our first date back in the summer of 2004. So, we decided to drive through Preston, Idaho, on our way from Utah to Seattle and revisit our roots. Here are some highlights from our visit:
Looking for wigs and dance tapes at the DI.

No wigs or dance tapes, but I did buy this amazing $3 shirt which I am wearing as I write this post.

Just longboarding in front of Pedro's house.

"Hey Robin, if you come to the dance with me this weekend I'll build you a cake or something."

"What's a liger?"

As you can see, I'm basically a Preston expert. So, if you ever need a tour guide and want to take a drive to Idaho, just let me know.


Ben said...


That movie is so 2004. You need to find a new one to obsess over.

I think that "High School Musical 2" would be right up your alley.

Reed said...

oooh oooh High School Musical 2!! Did someone mention HSM2??? I've seen it 7 times already and L-O-V-E LOVE it!!

FoxyJ said...

I love the pictures. You guys are awesome. The guy I went to prom with had the middle name Preston because that's where he was born. Then he moved to California and I went to prom with him...