06 August 2007

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Summer 2007: My last summer vacation and it wasn't even a real one. First, I finished my last law school finals in May. Then graduation on May 12. Then studying for the bar full-time June to July. Then the bar July 24-26. Now the job search. Here's a retrospective look at my "summer."

Some statistics I compiled during my 3 years of law school:
Hours I spent in class: 1242 (approximately)
Final Exams taken: 27
Law books I had to buy: 30
Non-legal books read: 22
Number of girls I kissed (but not at the same time): 6
Girls I married: 1
Miles I drove my car: 14530
Miles I flew: 69535
Concerts I went to: Keane, Badly Drawn Boy (twice), Better Than Ezra, Snow Patrol (twice), The Shins, Modest Mouse, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand
Number of times I moved: 3
Swatches purchased: 4
Pairs of shoes bought: 7
Holiday Greeting emails sent: 52
Number of Whopper Jr.'s I could have bought with all the money I paid to go to law school: 115,000
My law school experience: Not so priceless

Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners! Let me tell you, it's an amazing feeling when a whole stadium of people cheers wildly for you. And doesn't throw oversized syringes when you walk on the field (Barry, you know what I'm talking about). Also, you can play Where's Waldo with this picture. See if you can find my lovely wife and mother.

The big moment where they give you the fake diploma. For some reason my camera has been acting up and adds big white X's to my photos. Who knows why.

You'll give me biscuits if I stand up in the middle of the ceremony?!?! It's a deal!

Here was the scene at the bar. Unfortunately for those rows crossed out, statistically they won't pass (Washington has an 80% passage rate). Lucky for me I was sitting where the red arrow is pointing so it looks like I should be okay.

This is how I prepared between sessions.

The job search continues.

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Ben said...

The green shoes match your robe perfectly.

We'll make up for all the lost summer vacation time while you're in Utah. I hear some babies may be there.