24 September 2007

Happy 10 Year Anniversary

No, I haven't been married to my lovely wife for 10 years. But today marks 10 years from when I entered the Missionary Training Center. (Thank you Cousin Laura for picking me up from the SLC airport and driving me to Provo). I was there for two months and it was a lot of work learning Italian but I enjoyed the cafeteria so much that I went back to be a MTC teacher 3 years later.
Here’s the rule list they gave us on our first day:
As you can see, it was quite a list. But, the letter of the law didn't rule out everything. Here's what I mean:

For some reason this seemed like a good idea at the time. We all know missionaries love getting mail and now we know they love getting in mail carts, too.

This is what I think of your special parking spots right by the front door! Once I met Elder Eyring in the hallway and the only thing I could think of to say was, "I read your book!"

This is my Italian companion, Anziano Franceschini. He was crazy, as you can see by this picture. Here he is riding on the dirty dish conveyor belt in the cafeteria. The funny thing was the dish girls in the back stopped it so he could get on and then started it up again for him.

Well, what I remember about this picture is when we were having bad days in Italian class, we would put stuff on the dirty dish conveyor belt. I guess it made us feel better but I think it made the dish people feel worse because they got really mad and threw some silverware at us once.

Lavell Edwards! Go Cougars! By chance, we ended up going to the temple every week with Lavell. The last week before we went to Italy we stopped him for a picture. This may be the only recorded photo in history where he is smiling.

My companion had to go to the BYU Health Center one day. While I was in the waiting room I noticed that a Health Center employee had grown some vegetables in his/her garden like a good Mormon and brought in a box of vegetables for people to take. I took the biggest zucchini I could find even though: A) I don't like zucchini B) I had no use for that thing in our dorm. I left it in the closet in our room when we went to Italy.

This is Potenza, my first city in Italy, not the MTC. Missionary work was tough in Italy so as you can see we taught anyone who would listen. Unfortunately, this guy wasn't too excited about baptism. Something about being afraid of water.

This is also Potenza. If you look real close, you will see that I am pointing at a Redskins sticker on someone's car. As you would expect, I was very excited to find a fellow Redskins fan 4,695 miles away from DC in a small town that is basically in the middle of nowhere.

This map will show you just how far away from civilization Potenza was. I guess this goes to show that the Redskins are the most popular NFL team in the whole world.


two forks said...

i can't believe i married one of the goofy elders who put themselves or trash on the conveyor belt!!!!! as a former mtc dishroom girl, i can affirm how much we disliked getting surprises at work.

the famous "stupid elder trick" was to shove their napkins in their glass cups, pour salt all over the tray and then cement the cup to the tray... the result? the cup was seriously cemented to the tray. we broke cup after cup trying to get them off. you're lucky we didn't cut ourselves!

Jerkolas said...

All the dishwasher and other cafeteria girls had a crush on my district. Didn't hurt that our service assignment was with them. Congrats on 10 years! You even have something to show for it.

Anonymous said...

You were totally adorable. Now your adorability is enhanced by maturity...and the acquisition of the most beautiful girl in the world.

Amanda said...

I don't understand how you could have been any skinnier than you are now. Elder Skeletor! I was a Freshman in High School when you went into the MTC. That either makes you really old, or me really young...

Mary said...

can't believe it's been 10 years! congrats, to you. Seth is having a hard time being 30 and all. sorry we missed the birthday...we were on our way home from dc. boo...we're sad it didn't work out. where will you guys be for Thanksgiving? We're thinking of a trip to the Northwest (that is, if things work out.) Hope to see you soon. sorry we missed you here. gosh!