09 September 2007

Bread and Water

Today we went to church. Have you ever wondered if those priests wash their hands before they break the bread? Sometimes I do. But today there were other things to worry about. When we took the water, Robin smooshed her little cup before putting it back in the tray. Unfortunately, there was still some water in the cup and it shot out into like 3 other cups. Did she quickly grab the 3 contaminated cups and put them in the discard pile? No, she let her backwash go on to the next 3 people. Those poor chaps were blindsided! And they were probably worrying about the bread!


michal & david coombs said...

Just be glad your not in the days when everyone drank out of the same container. When I was blessing the sacrament in California they always made everyone wipe their hands with alcohol swabs.

Jerkolas said...

I always wash my hands, but don't worry about it. We bless it don't we?