27 September 2007

Chuck Norris has two speeds. Walk, and Kill.

My little bro is a Marine in Iraq. I thought he was going over there to fix damaged electronics equipment but apparently his base has become a C-List celebrity hangout. Here's his last email:

"As you can see in the pictures I've sent, I work with Chuck Norris. We've been working together professionally for a while now, but only recently has our relationship developed to more of a friendship. I've been giving him a lot of advice lately on how to improve his Kick Start Program (his program for troubled teens). He feels that because of my experience in having a troubled youth, I can give first hand advice on how to deal with kids from "the streets." He also asked me to help train him for his next film. I'm putting him through a conditioning program to get him back in shape: his total gym that he's been using for years obviously hasn't done the trick. I'm throwing in a lot of martial arts training, too. The movie has nothing to do with karate, but we train anyway since he's not very good at karate. The movie is all about Chuck's character and the relationship he has with his son, who happens to be the coolest kid in the world. The title of the movie is, "The Dad of the Coolest Kid in the World." It works out well for him, since he gets to hang around with me, especially since the kid in the movie is based off of me. Through it all we've developed a real father-son-relationship. I hear Macaulay Culken is going to play my character."

Can't wait for that movie to come out. And congratulations, JEM. You are the first ever guest writer on my blog. P.S. Nice mustache. (And for more great Chuck Norris facts, go here.)

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michal & david coombs said...

you stole my idea! will you sue me for copyright infringement if i post something about jon erik and super-dad chuck?