16 September 2007


No, this isn’t the episode where Tobias portrays George Sr. hiding in the attic but this is an important Scandalmakers topic. These days it seems like most Americans routinely drop $4 at Starbucks a couple times a day for hot brown water served in a paper cup. Especially here in Seattle where Starbucks-office-runs are just as common as bathroom breaks.

So, I think most of you have seen the Starbucks logo:

I now bring your attention to this: (CAUTION: VERY GRAPHIC IMAGES DISPLAYED BELOW)

Behold, the original Starbucks logo located at the very first Starbucks at Pikes Place Market here in Seattle. How outrageous! This isn’t Amsterdam! If you are as offended as I am by this former logo, contact Starbucks here.

If enough of us make our voices heard, Starbucks will clean up its act and make its stores appropriate for children of all ages. Kids have the right to get addicted to coffee, too!

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Jihan said...

I can't tell if you're serious or kidding. I'm going to assume the latter, and add that I am offended in the lopsided mammaries depicted. It's not right to expoit the deformed!
Also, since when have you seen a two-tailed mermaid? The ones I've seen while riding my unicorn on the beach, have always had one. Hmm?