11 September 2007

September 11 (Never Forget)

I'd like to wish me a happy birthday. Yes, today is the day I came into this world 29 years ago (exactly 9 months to the day after my parents' wedding day). When people find out my birthday is September 11, sometimes they say something like, "Oh Christian, I'm sorry. Are you okay?" So I say something like, "Well, it was my birthday first." Anyway, I thought I'd make a little montage of birthday photos over the years. Unfortunately when you're a kid, you don't really have too much say as far as when your picture gets taken, so those years are a little spotty. But I think you'll enjoy these.

1979. Why can't I still wear cool one-piece outfits like this anymore?

1983. Why is my candle in half a cake? What a rip-off!

1984. Wow, have you ever seen kids more excited than this?
I'm so happy I've clapped my hands with joy. All for cupcakes!

1989. Wow, those are some mighty high sideburns I'm sporting. Once my little
brother kept trimming his sideburns like this but he kept going higher and higher
when he couldn't get them even. Eventually they were like 2" high.

1990. 7th Grade. That's my friend Russell Smith. He said he forgot to bring the $10 he was going to give me for my birthday. A likely story. (I never got the $10.)
1991. 8th Grade. Back then Champion t-shirts were cool. Not sure about the gold chains.

1999. This is 3 days after I got home from my mission. Nice
collar tan. And wow, that candle is big like Pepsi can.

2003. The big 2-5. I think what I'm holding is a poem about biscuits that my sister wrote.

2006. Last year we went to Chuck E. Cheese for my big day. The funny thing is there was another guy my age having his party there, too.

2007: Here's what my horoscope said today:
"Play your cards right and you could win the entire pot in the year to come. Next March some surprising changes or unexpected upsets could pull you in two different directions, but a beneficial opportunity will lead you to the right course just in the nick of time. Your personal appeal is highlighted and others will view you favorably next March and June so those are the best times to look for a new job, ask for favors, or take important steps such as purchasing a home or getting engaged."

Ooh la la. I'll let you know when I buy a house or get engaged.


two forks said...

i can definitely make you some nice one piece outfits. how about a redskins theme? and you never clap for joy for my cupcakes! as for the gold chain/champion t-shirt pic... you really never watched charles in charge until i showed you the dvds!??! or are you secretly in the italian mafia?

michal & david coombs said...

i love how all the candles in your cakes were those fat, white ones mom had on hand from the drawer (with exception of the cake at dad's that acutally had kiddie candles on it)...go emergency storage!!

Amanda said...

Nothing will beat your birthday in 2004 when I gave you the "Everybody Poops" book, right?!? I'm awesome.

Jerkolas said...

Happy birthday. I think you should bring the chains back. Gold is never out of style.

Anonymous said...

What is with the one candle thing year after year? Couldn't your mother afford real birthday cake candles?