23 September 2007

Sex Ed at the Puyallup Fair

Yesterday Robin and Tom and I went to the local county fair to experience a little piece of Americana. We had some delicious fried food, stood in long lines with rednecks, won some free Advil by throwing bean bags through a hole in a board, browsed through the locals' crafty wares, and watched a demonstration of a kitchen knife cutting through a hammer (because if my knife can't cut through a hammer I don't want it). We also learned about the anatomy and reproductive cycles of a few friendly farm animals. Check it out:

Meet Eragon, an English Lop Best In Show!
And did you notice the sign? This means that in one year one rabbit could become a great-great-great-grandmother rabbit. Now that's the miracle of life.

I'm not sure what a ewe is, but here is a Future Farmers of America prize winner.
A closer look at the sign above. And human girls thought they had it bad.

Baa Baa Black Sheep, have you any wool?
And thanks to this hand-drawn, color-coded, anatomically-correct diagram, now we know what's on the inside, too.
Thank you Future Farmers of America. If not for you, how would I have learned the birds and bees of domesticated farm animals?


two forks said...

i think future farmers of america is the way to go to avoid any awkward conversations about this topic in the future with kids... maybe we should move to puyallup?!

michal & david coombs said...

so do sheep really have a "cevix", or was that a typo for cervix?

Jerkolas said...

Why a ewe is simply a female sheep. Weren't you even reading all that great sex ed material?

catherine yeates said...

any sign that is written in colored magic markers that contains the word "vagina" is... well, i actually don't even know what to say!