19 October 2007

Stickin' it to the Man

I've been screwed by Best Buy a few times in my day. I bought a $50 "all-inclusive" warranty for my cell phone that I was told "covers everything" but when two buttons fell off, I was then told the warranty didn't include physical damage. Oh great. You stole $50 from me. Another time I bought a VCR/DVD player and it stopped working within 6 months. This time I didn't buy the warranty (what was the point?) and I was told I was out of luck. Nice. I'm glad to see you stand behind the products you sell. Score: Best Buy 2, Me 0.

So, the other day I got a gift card for my birthday and I decided to buy a Mario Kart game for our Nintendo DS. I thought, "Mario Kart is one of the most amazing Nintendo games of all time. This can't miss. Plus, if I don't like it, I can return it within 30 days." So, I opened the game, played two races, and realized it was pretty lame. No problem, I'll bring it back. Then I saw this on the back of the receipt:
What?!?! So, you're telling me I can buy a new scanner, use it to scan all of my family photographs, and return it for full price as long as I do it within 30 days, but I can't play a video game for 2 minutes, realize it stinks, and then return it in new condition and get my money back? Oh Best Buy, why do you always do this to me? What did I do to deserve such treatment? I was a stellar employee as a young lad working for you during high school (for $6.35 an hour). I always stayed late to put out the new releases on Monday nights. I kept that Fun 'N Games area so organized and clean. I worked tirelessly to find CD's for customers who only could tell me one line or a song title and expected me to know the rest. I never played football in the warehouse or made fake announcements over the store intercom like some other employees I know.

So, I felt great pain when I was forced to do this to get my money back.

(Note: This is only a re-enactment. The actual game is not pictured.)
$21.77 later I was back in business. Score: Best Buy 2, Me 1.


n. giovanni said...

does that really work?

you're brilliant!

Ben said...


I remember shrink-wrapping things in the back of the store when we worked together, but doing it at home takes the cake (and could raise some potential legal issues - Don't let the WA Bar red this).

Plus, I don't know if that scanner comment was a poke at me, but my Dad ended up keeping it ,so I didn't even get to stick it to Best Buy (as much as I would've liked to).

C-Biscuit said...

The scanner wasn't directed to you. But the crank announcements over the store intercom and playing football in the warehouse were. You were such a slacker.

Ma B said...

Hey Son--just to keep you honest-- as I remember it, I bought you the cell phone AND the warranty. And so the beef with Best Buy should be mine, but I reached my quota for being irate over small matters long ago. Let it go.

Reed F said...

SuWeet! More Blackmail material when I need it.

Farnsworth 1, Vonny 0

Anonymous said...

Sounds like ma b needs to let go of the cell phone AND the warranty.

Abbie said...

Ripped off the first time shame on them. Ripped off the second time, shame on you. :) But ya, that sucks