02 October 2007

Prairie Dogs

Yesterday I had to take a drug test for a potential job. I got to the place and had to really, really go. And not the thing they wanted to test. So while I was in the waiting room, I found a bathroom. When I came back to the desk, the receptionist asked where I went because the tester lady had come out looking for me. I said I had to use the restroom. She gave me a weird look. Then the tester lady came out. "Where did you go just now?" "I had to use the restroom." Pause. Confused look. "You're aware that this is a urine test?" "Yes, it's fine, don't worry." Then I felt very awkward. I think we both did. And that's before she pulled out the cup.

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Jerkolas said...

Well now if you don't get the job you know why. Welcome to the cutthroat business world.