09 October 2007

Conference Report

Robin told me to take notes at Priesthood session on Saturday night. Like the loving, supportive husband I am, of course I complied.

Also, did you notice this extremely odd excerpt from the Sunday afternoon session:

October 2007. Douglas L. Callister said in his talk that "Brigham Young said of Orson Pratt: 'If Brother Orson were chopped in inch pieces, each piece would cry out: "Mormonism is true."'" Okay, that is the weirdest thing I've heard in a long time. There's no way you can spin that to make it sound better. It's just weird. And gross. If you chopped me in inch pieces, each piece would cry out: "Don't quote me in a talk."


Jerkolas said...

That was an odd quote in an otherwise good talk.

When I am married I am going to steal your note idea.

Mary said...

i must have totally zoned out in that talk. but that is just plain funny. i'm glad SOMEBODY was listening so that we could all laugh about it later.

two forks said...

i'm surprised brother orson's one inch body pieces wouldn't have known better than to say "mormonism is true" i mean... shouldn't they have shouted out "the church of jesus christ is true!" and if i were chopped up in a likewise manner... i think each piece would just scream "ow!"

Mary said...

lame. it wasn't until i read your wife's blog that i actually read your "notes" from conference. you're lucky your wife puts up with you.

Abbie said...

I hope you're c-biscuit. The car was a gift and our allotment for gas each month is about $60. We're on a tight little budget. And it's too bad you didn't teach like a stand-up comedian, though I do have good memories of all my teachers.