11 October 2007

Happy Birthday Nate

This is my old roommate, Nate. Today is his birthday. Happy birthday Nate. He didn't even call me on my birthday last month but here he is getting his own birthday blog. I guess that's the kind of friend I am. We had a lot of fun as roommates at BYU--playing Mario Kart, doing dishes together, going to Jazz games, throwing Super Bowl parties, even walking in the Martin Luther King Jr. Peace March arm-in-arm. Everyone should have the chance to have a roommate like Nate.

So, a while ago Conan O'Brien went to Finland to do a week of special segments for his show. (Apparently he looks like Finland's President and his show is pretty popular there). Conan did a moderately funny skit about a Finnish tradition where they relax in a hot sauna and then jump in a frozen lake right afterwards. You can imagine my surprise when one of the men stepping out of the lake looked just like Nate. I immediately paused the TV and took a picture. Here's a picture of Nate at our old apartment and the picture of the sauna guy in Finland:

So what do you think? Did Nate secretly go to Finland and jump into a frozen lake so he could be on Conan O'Brien? You be the judge! Vote on the sidebar.

Here are the final results:

I guess we can conclude that Nate really did go to Finland.


Ben said...

The best part about this is that Nate will either a) never see this or b) never respond if he does.

You have to love the guy though.

Reed F said...

HA. Completely agree with the Fetcher who posted above.

If Nate didn't go up to Finland, it sure wasn't because of the attire they wore in the sauna, sadly I've seen him wear that same sauna "get up" playing Mario Kart.

Good think Nate doesn't drink.

two forks said...

if i remember the story correctly, i think he was playing "diddy kong style"