21 October 2007

It's a Pat!

I recently saw this interesting interview on MSNBC. Here's the story: a woman in NYC stopped to eat in a restaurant, went to the restroom, was intruded upon by the bouncer while in a stall, and was then thrown out of the restaurant by the bouncer. Apparently another patron thought a man had entered the bathroom so she told the restaurant manager. Now the woman is suing the restaurant for millions. I guess that's the going rate these days for gender misidentification.

Here's the restaurant's official press release about the lawsuit:

With all due respect to the complainant, I think I would have been confused, too. Watch the video and maybe you'll agree.


Ben said...

Why did you put a picture of a guy on a post about a woman?

Oh, wait, I get it now.

Abbie said...

That was weird. So, she was born a girl but likes acting like a man? She must be taking hormones to have a voice that deep. Odd. And millions? Come on. Lawyers suck! :)