27 October 2007

Mr. Clean

I have a few quirks. I think some quirks are useful (I keep grocery coupons in my car just in case I stop at Safeway while I'm out and about) but apparently some are annoying (I asked Robin for an example and she said, "You want just one?"). Her extensive list includes my sleep walking, the way I clear my throat or rub my face all the time, that I only have brown shoes (one pair of black actually), that I only shop at Gap, that I have to finish a project as soon as I start it even if there is no reason to start it right then, that I don't let anyone else play Freecell on my computer (I don't want my overall win percentage tainted--1316 out of 1461=90%), that I only eat real butter and real parmesan cheese (I heard if you put margarine outside, ants won't touch it), that I buy things that I don't need because I'm getting a deal and then return those things later. Obviously I am very endearing.

I'm especially quirky about germs. Ever since the MTC, I have worn flip flops in the shower. I always put toilet paper on the seat (except in my own home). I never touch stall door latches or bathroom door knobs (you gotta love it when they put the paper towel dispenser right by the exit). I usually try to not touch bathroom faucets (think about it--dirty hands touch the faucet, get clean, then touch the faucet again and get dirty again). I have this weird monitor in my head that tells me to wash my hands when I've shaken a lot of hands or handled money. I never eat anything off the ground. If I can help it, I don't use the airplane bathroom or port-a-pots. I wipe off the shopping cart handles whenever the store offers those little wet wipes. I guarantee I get sick less often than the average person but I know I'm a weirdo. That's why I was so happy to see this article on MSNBC about the top 12 dirtiest places on earth. Now I know I've been living my life on the right track but apparently I should also stop doing laundry, doing dishes, going to the bank, and using the bath tub. I think Robin will understand.

Here's the list:

1. Your kitchen sink
2. Airplane bathrooms
3. A load of wet laundry
4. Public drinking fountains
5. Shopping cart handles
6. ATM buttons
7. Your handbag
8. Playgrounds
9. Mats and machines at health clubs
10. Your bathtub
11. Your office phone
12. The hotel-room remote control


Abbie said...

I'm going to try to forget what I just read or else I will turn into an obsessive clean freak. But thanks for the info.

michal & david coombs said...

try reading "the secret life of germs"--you will become an even bigger weirdo. i've worn flip-flops since brasil, too:.)

michal & david coombs said...

i think nursery should have been #1 on this list...