13 October 2007

"You can do anything with a law degree"

At least this is what countless people told me before law school, during law school, and still tell me now that I've been graduated for 5 months and am still looking for a job. My Mom even bought me this book to help me with ideas. Sorry Ma, I sold it on eBay because we needed the money. Anyway, here's what "anything" has meant so far:
1. Someone at church heard I am looking for a job and told me he's looking for some guys to help renovate apartments. Pay: $14 an hour.
2. A local temp agency called me about a "software tester" job. What this really means is they need someone to test (play) video games in Italian. Grazie Mario, ma la principessa si trova in un altro castello. Pay: $12 an hour.
3. Robin's boss hired me to do some yardwork for him earlier this spring and to hang some pictures in his office. (He recently asked her which shelter we'd be living in if she wasn't working for him). Pay: $10 an hour.

If I take the $14 an hour job and don't account for interest, it will take me 8,571 hours to pay off my student loans. That's a lot of apartments I'll renovate. Wow, this law degree is really paying for itself. Seattle University, I hate you. So, in the meantime I have been growing a beard until I get an interview for a real job. Here's a montage I made of my beards over the past few years:
Wow, who knew facial hair could look so amazing?


Jerkolas said...

I think you would be a fool not to take the Italian Nintendo job.

Ma B said...

I don't mind you selling the lawyer book I sent you as long as you read it. But please do NOT sell the etiquette book I sent you, even if you ever do read it.

Jamie Pacini said...
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michal & david coombs said...

maybe you should offer to be the official mario mascot and robin can be the princess and you can travel all over the world putting on shows with robin in castles and do plunger stunts to free her!!