24 November 2007

BYU 17 - Utah 10

Well, it was another amazing finish to the best rivalry in college football. And like last year, the best team won. Because of the helmets we have to wear during the game, you probably didn't know I'm on the team. Here I am celebrating with my teammates and the loyal Cougar fans. We knew we would pull off the victory; we just wanted to give you an exciting finish so we let those pesky Utes score with 1:34 left. If you didn't have faith in us when it was 4th and 18 from our own 12, I guess you're not a real fan. Go Cougars!

This year's finish was pretty dramatic but it doesn't match 2006 or 2001, two of the best games I've ever seen.

After the game we taunted some Ute fans watching at my old house. For some reason they wouldn't even come outside. See for yourself.


Ben said...

No mention of the Redskins game? Oh yeah, that's right. We suck.

Well, maybe next year.

Reed F said...

INCREDIBLE GAME. BYU is the best MOUNTAIN WEST TEAM EVER! (How lame is that last sentence? sigh) I think you need to blog about Austin Collie's post game comments.