04 November 2007

Excuse Mii

The new Nintendo Wii allows you to create a Mii character of whomever you want to use as your mascot while you play. So, of course we made some Mii's of ourselves and some family and friends. But we also turned our modest 2-bedroom apartment into a celebrity lounge. Check it out:

Meet Brigham Young, name sake for my alma mater. Now he can play tennis, go bowling, and golf when he needs a break from leading the wagon trains to Utah.

Badly Drawn Boy, aka Damon Gough. He's just as friendly as a Mii as he is as a British singer-songwriter but his beanie and hair don't stink so much.

"Hey, Brother." Here's Buster, the most loveable, yet vulnerable, member of the Bluth family. Unfortunately you can't add a hook hand as an accessory so this Mii isn't as life-like as you would expect. But when he loses Wii tennis he does have panic attacks. Annyong.

Question: What kind of bear is best? Fact: You don't need a
Dwight Bobblehead when you have a Dwight Mii.

"You can't add moon boots as an accessory? Gosh!"

When you're not playing the Wii, the Harry Potter
Mii sleeps under the stairs.

Noel Gallagher, the talent behind the best band of all-time, Oasis.
And you guessed it, his Mii is just as cocky.

Pardon the Interruption's Mike Wilbon. In real life he doesn't
have glasses anymore so his Mii is actually more up to date than these photos.

Oh CW, why did you have to cancel Veronica Mars? Robin loved this
show and I would watch with her, not because I think it's an amazing
show, but because Veronica is so hot. Her Mii isn't too bad either.

Some say this looks more like the fat Star Jones than Oprah.
Either way, free cars for everyone who reads my blog!!!
(Thanks to law school, I know that this offer is an illusory
promise and is in no way a binding contract).


deidra said...

Brother Brigham is our favorite, since we were there for his creation.

I think Chris wants to challenge you to a Dwight Mii-Off, because he says our Dwight looks better than your Dwight. Don't you think them's fightin' words?

CaliZona said...

But where's the Wobin Wii??!!

Jerkolas said...

I think I like the Noel Gallagher one the most, but if you really want to impress people with your skills you should add a link to the Mii you created for me. The resemblance is uncanny.

Ben said...

Too bad there isn't a Nintendo game where you can make out with your Miis because I know you'd be all over your Noel Gallagher one. You pervert.

two forks said...

oh snap!

Cynthia said...

Ha!!!! i love Dwight from the office! He IS the best!!!
-melanie grace hale