12 December 2007

Jag butik for Ikea!

Yesterday I made a trip to our neighborhood Ikea to purchase some furnishings for our fine apartment. I really enjoy how they include the Swedish names for the products. After all, who doesn't want to know what they call a table and chairs in Sweden? (Jokkmokk, if you are wondering). It makes me feel like I'm immersed in a little piece of Swedish culture. And personally I wouldn't mind one of those little dotted O's in our alphabet.

Some of the names are pretty intuitive like this one:

Or this one:

And I thought this one made sense:

This one made me laugh:

(you know, like "hop in bed")

But, I'll be honest with you--these next two really caught me off guard:

Those crazy Swedes!


two forks said...

those stoppups came in really handy!

Wischmeiers said...

Okay this is hilarious! I really love the "Poopen" one, that one had me going for a few minutes. I would like to know exactly what colors the "Poopen" comes in. I heard they came in different brownish hues like stool, turd, dookie, and the ever famous for the holidays fruit-cake log. And I interpret the "Hopen" as, I am hope-n to get some tonight.