03 December 2007

Trouble in the Jungle

Click above to see Bindi Irwin's newest song, "Trouble in the Jungle." If you like little Australian girls who rap about saving wild animals from evil mankind, this is the music video for you. I've decided to model all of my dance moves from this point on after sweet little Bindi. I only hope I have some of the intangibles she has. You just can't teach this stuff. Also, I have a word to say to the Crocmen: It's one thing to be a backup dancer to Britney Spears in her glory days (can I get a shout out, K-Fed??) but this is a joke. You're backing up a 9-year-old whack job. Hopefully you lie to people you meet in bars when they ask what you do for a living.

My favorite lines from the song:

"I'm afraid of grizzly bears, but don’t you see/Grizzly bears should really be afraid of me."

"There’s trouble in the jungle/there’s trouble in the jungle/ We find that mankind is not so kind at all."

"What a dumb plan/Just ask the orangutan/His forest is shrinking, what are we thinking?/We're wiping out species without even blinking"

I was going to add my own colorful commentary, but I think Bindi's lyricist said it all.


two forks said...

poor bindi... maybe they don't have rhythm down under!

deidra said...

This is why I like "Oh, Pepper." A never ending supply of gems like this. Her pigtails are so gangsta.

Amanda said...

My favorite was that she's singing about grizzly bears in the jungle. They said it best on Best Week Ever when they said she must be getting her information from "The Jungle Book"... it's just a cartoon.

Megan said...

Those backup dancers scare me as much as The Wiggles do on the Disney channel. I'm not sure what would make a grown man want to dance around like that. Then again, I'm not sure I want to know.

Yaj said...

Bindi, Bindi, she's our man,
If she can't do it nobody can!
Go-o-o-o-o Bindiii!

How'd I do? Get K-Fed's shout out?