25 January 2008

American Gladiators

I was a huge fan of American Gladiators when I was a kid. We used to watch it every Saturday morning on WDCA Channel 20 (before it got ruined by the UPN). Apparently we thought it was cool to be a contestant because my brother, sister, and I always begged our Dad to try out.

So, as excited as I am about the New American Gladiators on NBC every Sunday at 8, I think I'll stick with the original American Gladiators on ESPN Classic.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch the original American Gladiators:

1. You don't have to watch lame hosts like Hulk Hogan sport his wig of fake blonde hair under a bandana. You can't fool me, Hulk. Plus the original AG didn't have all those cheesy interviews with the contestants before and after the events.
2. You do get to watch amazing hosts like Todd Christensen, his amazing commentary, and his even more amazing mullet. It's too bad you were only on Season 1, Todd.
3. The six original gladiators: Malibu, Lace, Gemini, Zap, Nitro, Sunny. With names like that, you just knew they meant business.
4. Classic events like Human Cannonball and Breakthrough & Conquer that you just can't get on the New AG. Plus they made the new Powerball way too easy and the new Eliminator doesn't even involve any Gladiators! Check out these links for old school Powerball and Eliminator.
5. The American Gladiators Super Nintendo video game. I wonder if it's downloadable to the Wii yet.


two forks said...

don't be embarrassed... we all know you wish you could be Wolf from the new american gladiators.

michal & david coombs said...

you look hot in those malibu shorts!

Yaj said...
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Yaj said...

Your dad would have had his blond wig handed to him, or uncomfortably shoved somewhere it was not intended to go...