14 January 2008

Who's laughing now, Seahawks fans?

I have never cheered more for a team other than the Redskins than I did on Saturday. It must have been for spite. It brought joy to my heart to see the Seahawks get a beat-down in Green Bay. Thank you, Brett Favre. If only I could have seen the drunken looks on the faces of the fans who sat behind me in the Redskins game last week. That would have made the defeat just a little bit sweeter. Here are some photos I found in the Seattle Times:


You just can't make this stuff up!

The agony of defeat. Aw, how sad.


Jerkolas said...

I am sure their faces looked something like your face did last week. I don't know, a fans face who's team is 1-1 in the playoffs may look a bit different then a fan's face who's team is 0-1.

Yaj said...

I'm sure those faces will change come the spring mammoth hunt - always an exciting time for Neanderthals. A playoff loss late is no different than a playoff loss early - you still be out. Excuse me, I have to cough - are those sea hawk feathers floating in the air?

Jerkolas said...

I guess you are right. If you aren't going to win the whole thing you should probably lose as quickly as you can.