29 January 2008

My Buddy and Me!

When we were little, my little brother got a My Buddy doll for Christmas. I guess it was a pretty cool toy back in 1986 (although I was more jealous of the Teddy Ruxpin he also got) but all I got was this stupid Wuzzle:
So, I never had a My Buddy toy I could call my own. That has all changed now. Meet my pet Armadillo. He doesn't really have a name, but we've become fast friends.

Sometimes we play music together. (He's real good on the keyboard).

Sometimes he does harmonica solos like Blues Traveler.

And it just wouldn't be Sunday without the Funny Pages. (But he wonders if people actually think Peanuts and Garfield are funny).

Sometimes we just hang out and watch Sportscenter. His favorite anchor is Kenny Mayne.

And of course he's a Redskins fan.

Usually he likes stories before bed. Especially Richard Scarry.

And he's always up for a game of hide-and-seek.

Or a little Wii tennis.

With all the time we spend together, sometimes I think they wrote the My Buddy song just for us:

My buddy, My buddy, wherever I go--he goes
My buddy, My buddy, I'll teach him everything that I know
My buddy and me like to climb up a tree
My buddy and me, we're the best friends that could be
My buddy, my buddy, my buddy and meeeeeee!


two forks said...

we really need to get armadillo his own room... i mean, he's a HUGE bed hog.

michal & david coombs said...

where's the rooster?!

Anonymous said...

What does your little Buddy think of Bidee? Is he jealous?

n i c k said...

Me and Rach are laughing so hard right now! Our favorites are hide and seek and the Redskins.

Hahaaaa (not LOL)

Yaj said...

You are NOT going to believe this! I am in Bizarro World. Very young I would visit my great uncle who had an armadillo I was so fascinated with that he eventually gave it to me. I was 4 or 5. I called him "Ym Yddub," and had him until I left for college, when he disappeared. Ym Yddub looked just like My Buddy! Until now I had always suspected my mother of Ym's demise. And YOU! youuuuuu have had him all this time... Curses! Ym Yddub!! Ym Yddub!! Ymmmmmmmmm!!!

Yaj said...

By the way, I really like the song. What is the melody?

Rebecca and Murv said...

che bella giacca???
so is that you-- christian? i was surfing my sister's blog and looked at the link for mary and seth and saw your last name on their links and honestly could not tell if that is you or you have an identical brother-- if its you write back-- ciao rebecca

shortino said...

kenny mayne's been a long time favorite of mine too. I went to see him speak at UVa and got to ask him some questions. I bet that armadillo of yours and I would be fast friends...