27 February 2008

Give Me a Latte or Give Me Death

I think the photos below were the scene across the country yesterday. Starbucks closed all its U.S. stores for 3 hours at 5:30 local time to retrain its employees. I live in Seattle. What were people supposed to do for coffee during those 3 hours? Even though I don't personally drink coffee, I wanted my voice heard, so I demonstrated outside the busiest Starbucks in the country (U-Village). Mainly I chanted things like, "Give me a latte" and "We need coffee" but I also said, "Three hours is too long" a couple of times. My favorite part was that all the employees were just inside the window where I was demonstrating and the guy in charge squinted to see what was going on outside. Just me demonstrating, Sir. How could you leave millions without coffee for 3 hours while you taught your people how to make the "perfect" coffee? Do you think they can just go to Tully's or Seattle's Best or some little coffee shop? No way! They need their Starbucks!

Demonstrating made me a little nervous (I'm not usually an activist) but I think I got my point across. I'm pretty sure it's good when people stare at you.

Here are the baristas being trained inside. Listen to ME!

Sometimes the best way to make your voice heard is with posters.

Oh, am I interrupting something? So sorry to inconvenience your little meeting!

A photographer from the Seattle Post Intelligencer took some pictures of me and wrote my name down, but I don't think I made it into the paper. Too bad, because I bet his camera was better than mine. These photos are grainy!


Yaj said...

I did not know Starbucks had closed at all... sorry. And you, between demonstrations and blog entries, seem to have just a little too much time on your hands...

n i c k said...

Between you and the trouble maker in picture #2 (with the lime green wool knit sweater and red rim glasses) Starbucks had their hands full yesterday!

Way to stick it to 'em C-Biscuit!

Reed F said...

Hilarious! Your finest hour. Keep up the activism.

Shauna said...

That's awesome! P.S. Starbucks hot coco stinks poop! Go to Tully's, its way better!