05 February 2008

Teriyaki Fun

Robin and I found a new favorite Teriyaki place right by U-Village. It's called Nasai Teriyaki. It's our favorite not just because they have really good chicken bowls, but for many other reasons that will soon be apparent. Please read on.

First, the menu. I guess I like it so much because the "E" in BEEF and "R" in ROLL are so much larger than the rest of the letters. It just cracks me up that they would work so hard to spell these words right, with unmatching letters, when other signs in the store are spelled wrong...

...like this one. I really like how Teriyaki places have the pictures of the dishes on the wall so you can see what you're ordering. But I especially like this one because of the "COME WITH RICE" line. Matching up the correct conjugation with its subject is overrated, anyway.

This is on the wall by the photos of the dishes. I have no idea what this stuff means. But you gotta love it. Especially the 2-step Spicy Chicken instructions.

More grammar fun. This is the sign in the front window. I don't know why "PRICE GOOD" is so much funnier than "GOOD PRICE" but it is.

They have about six years' worth of Seattle Mariners team posters on the wall. This is funny because someone wrote "LOSERS" on every photo with an arrow pointing to the team. Only instead of writing "LOSERS," he/she wrote, "LOOSERS." I think we can agree that the only thing funnier than bad grammar is when you use bad grammar while insulting someone else.

This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Thanks to law school, I know that a merchant's duty of care to its customers is to warn them of known and unknown dangers. In this case, I'm not sure the sign on the wall, handwritten in magic marker, to the side of the space heater, is sufficient. Plus, I love what it says: "Caution! Hot! Heater and Water Boiler." Not sure where the water boiler is, but that's cool.

And finally, yes you can have free water with your meal, but you have to pour it yourself. From a pitcher. In the fridge that holds the other bottled beverages for sale. Is this in compliance with the Health Code?


two forks said...

oh price good chicken bowl with free water and teriyaki sauce... YUMMY!

Yaj said...

Looks like my kind of place! We order the chicken a lot here, but I am not sure it is really chicken. It good price, but meat loosEr. I think it might be cat. But who know? May be dog too (not dog doo - that goes in bags, then you light it, ring the door bell... well, you know the rest...). Do they have stEak and cheEse subs - with Xtra onions?

n i c k said...

i likey you stoRy for rice Bowl good. it vEry funny, ha ha ha.

Bri and Ben said...

There is a Nasai a block from us on the AVE, it is our favorite. I wonder if they are the same?