22 February 2008

Wiener Poopie

You probably should watch this video. It will make you laugh. Out loud. And then you'll think, "Wow, my day just got a little better. Thank you, Oh Pepper?" And then I'll say, "Don't thank me. Thank Jean Mansel of Rockford, Michigan."

My favorite things about this video:

1. The reporter's very serious voice, even when he reads the word "wiener poopie" over and over.
2. The way Jean looks at the camera with a disgusted look after reading the word "wiener poopie."
3. The way Jean analyzes the situation and concludes that the culprit must be kids because adults wouldn't write little lines around the word "Jesus."
4. The way Jean imitates the raspy voice who called about the ransom.
5. The way Jean says she thought "something like that would be safe in your yard" and then pauses and solemnly concludes, "It wasn't."


Yaj said...

God bless America...

n i c k said...

Jean did not imitate a "raspy" voice but rather a "GRASPY" voice.

Now,[graspily] go...check...yer... maaailbox.

Yaj said...

Jesus left by a thief in the night, and to many, like perhaps Jean, will return AS a thief in the night... when Jean least expects it... as she is thinking he is delaying his coming... having paid his own ransom... wow, any further and I am approaching, well, it would be very poopie weiner of me - I should stop here.