04 March 2008

National Grammar Day!

Maybe next year we can celebrate the big day together. If your not too busy, that is.


Yaj said...

Wee didnt' be noin twoday be thee day. Ay am allways sellabrate ever yeer.

Anonymous said...

Did Robin ever tell you we had a "word wall" in our house?Everyone in the family was on the alert for non-words we encountered in a day, posted by a marker hanging on a ribbon. Hilarious - like:
conversate, or repreciate, and fluition...(see what I mean?) One day the entire Bishopric was in that room and one of his counselors noticed our huge list. He was pretty smug about knowing more than the average bear - at least in his own mind - he turns to us & says, "Did you know you have one misspelled here?" It was all we could do to not just bust out laughing in his face.

Thank you for you're diligencious efforts to save the language.

Let us know when you are going to crusade against abused apostrophe "s"...Asia wanted a tee shirt that said "Bro's before Ho's". Keep in mind we didn't object to the base street message - it was the 's.

two forks said...

did you know tony romas is a very romantical restaurant? i here it is!

Reed F said...

Your fantastic about keeping up on the holidays. Your a number grammar guy in my book.

What that means, know won really nows.

the guitarist from hell said...

Your the best!