31 March 2008

March Madness?

I haven't watched a ton of games this NCAA Tournament (Robin might disagree), but I've watched enough to know the announcers are boneheads. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

"They oughta wear mood rings in this game because the swings have been tremendous."

"This isn't Carmen Sandiego. These are the Toros of San Diego!"

"--and McNeil with the steal." "--That's why they call him McSteal, and now they might call him McThree!" (McNeil/McSteal/McThree subsequently made a three-point basket).

"Mbah a Moute blocked one. Kevin Love blocked one. It has been a block party here tonight!"

"Kansas knows what it's like to play in overtime in a championship game--1957 against UNC."

Meet Jay Bilas, the man responsible for most of these amazing comments. Jay, where do you get such inspiring insights? Could you teach me your gift? I want to say cool things like this while I'm watching sports at home so my friends will beat me up.


two forks said...

reasons why robin doesn't mind march madness has hit:
1. robin actually loves basketball
2. robin has so many more teams to root for than in say, golf
3. christian doesn't actually spend money on basketball jerseys
4. we have two TVs and a DVR
5. robin has been watching heroes season 1

Yaj said...

I'm waiting...

Yaj said...

The only March Madness I experienced last month was dodging illegals as they try so hard to ignore traffic signs, signals, lane stripes, speed limits, sober attentiveness, the right side of the road, safe driving distances, pedestrians, school buses with blinking, red lights - well, I could go on. Come to think of it, April Madness is no different!