13 March 2008

Pardon Mii

Due to wildly popular demand, here is the sequel to Excuse Mii.

Pardon the Interruption's Tony Kornheiser. He's also an announcer on Monday Night Football (but personally I think he should stick with PTI).

When people play our Wii, they usually ask if this Mii is Jesus. Nope, just my bearded ex-roommate, Tom. I made his Mii's shirt red because he loves the U of U so much. I don't think he would have done the same for me and BYU, though (he has a disorder).

The cool thing about the Pedro Mii is if you're hungry, he'll build you a cake or something.

The P.C. Mii is as nerdy as the guy on the Mac commercials so you should never use him for Wii Tennis. He stinks at sports, just like nerds in real life.

Whatever happened to Michael Jackson's nose? I guess we'll never know for sure. The annoying thing about the Michael Jackson Mii is I have to keep him separated from the children Miis.

I'll admit that before I spoke Italian, I always thought "Luigi" was pronounced "Loogie." And I just wish I could have been there for the planning meeting when a Japanese guy at Nintendo said, "Hey, I have this idea. Let's make a video game about two Italian plumber-brothers who hit bricks with their heads, eat mushrooms to grow, kill cute little animals by jumping on them, and have to save a princess from a weird dragon dinosaur. It'll be gold!"

Conan O'Brien Mii. Conan, you are my favorite late night host of all-time. I even wrote a blog about you before I had this blog. If you have any openings, I'd love to work for your show.

You probably don't know where the name Oh Pepper? came from or what the picture is at the top of my blog. Let's just say this could be a hint.


Yaj said...

I'm still not knowing where "Oh Pepper!" came from, you tease. It's like you're throwing salt on a gash on my back ... I, I just have to know!! Wait a minute! Is "brak's dad" backward for "dad s'karb"? and is "dad s'karb" Bulgarian or Djzerbaijani for "Oh Pepper!"? Or maybe just "slick, suave mustache"?

rachel tanner said...

I would love to be the first to comment every one of your blogs, yet your dad still beats me to it. The people Miis look awesome! They look just like the real people which is what I think is the point. Haha.