07 April 2008

Fundraiser Update

I am pleased to report that my pledge drive has gathered a total of $1 in donations over the past week. So, with great excitement, I am happy to announce that Oh Pepper? will be around for another year (it turns out maintaining a blog isn't that expensive, after all).

Thank you to all who participated in this year's fundraiser. Instead of giving a free tote bag to the most generous donor, I am posting a framed picture of him so all internet users will know of his giving ways. Thank you, Reed. Your the best.

(I don't know what is wrong with his neck, so please don't ask.)


two forks said...

i feel i must disclose here my reasoning for not donating to the support of oh, pepper.

for some time now i have been working without a contract. negotiations for a better work environment and increased perks have stalled-- so i thought i'd protest by not donating to oh, pepper. i expect to receive at least 40 cents from reed's donation dollar.

Yaj said...

I am well, pleased as punch to hear the blog goes on! Didn't Sonny and Cher sing a song something like that? And as to the labor negotiations, you go girl... um, only 40 cents? You need more muscle? Give me a call...