15 April 2008

Tax Day!

If you think you have it bad paying income, property, and sales taxes, check out our European friends in the world tax table below. What a bunch of chumps! On the other hand, I wouldn't mind moving to the United Arab Emirates. No taxes, plus they have year-round indoor skiing!

My favorite part about the government-issued tax rebates this year is that the IRS spent $42 million to send notices in the mail telling people they were getting a tax rebate. How about you just pay me half that and I'll announce it on Oh Pepper? That'll get the word out.


deidra said...

Chris didn't think UAE was all that great. He recommends Bahrain.

Yaj said...

The Europeans get soaked, but only in one area. They don't have state, county, city, personal property, Mediscare, phone, electrical, super fund, you name it taxes. In the US we get taxed a thousand ways - think about it... even when we take a drink of water! That's not to mention the thousands of fees, just another form of tax. Hooda chumps now! For me though, THIS tax day was the best I have ever had - Redskin billiard balls came just for me! Not taxing at all...! Thanks for pointing MY way, Uncle Pepper!

david & michal coombs said...

most of these countries also have universal health care, so they may be paying high taxes, but they get free healthcare and no gatekeeper with referrals, insurance, etc. i think i'd rather be canadian.