23 May 2008

Keeping It Real

It's not hard to find amazing quotes on VH1's Flavor of Love. Just look at what Flav said in the Season 3 Finale to Black:

So for the quote of the week how about this one later in the episode, from Black to Flavor Flav:

(Yes, she said, "wich," not "with.") Sorry Black, but it looks like the winning Flavorette, Thing 2, is the one keeping it real with your man Flav.


Yaj said...

Wow, the second blog in a row which makes me feel totally tricked out! Good things come in three's - WHAT'S NEXT!?

rachel tanner said...

THING 2 WON?? aree you kidding me flavaa???
anything named after those ugly characters in Dr. Seuss should not have the right to be with the oldest & still fine man that is STILL ALIVE & rapping. true that. there ain't no one better than black dawg. no joke.