23 June 2008

Arizona: But it's a Dry Heat

Robin and I went to Arizona this weekend to see her family and go to a funeral. I had never been to Arizona in the summertime. What a place! Here's why you should move there immediately:

1. You don't have to do yardwork--gravel and cactus are pretty low maintenance.

(Someone's actual yard in Arizona.)

2. No more springtime allergies--pollen doesn't do so well in a barren desert.

3. You don't have to wait to tee it up at golf courses in the middle of the day. It was 115 degrees and sunny, so I can't understand why.

(Actual golf course where we played. Where is everyone?)

4. When you're outside in 115 degree weather, your perspiration evaporates right away. No more sweaty, sticky clothes in summer.

5. The signs are in both English AND Spanish. How convenient for all those people learning Spanish as a second language!

6. Your outdoor picnics, barbecues, and sporting events will never be rained out. (Downside: isn't water essential to sustaining life?)

7. When you land at the airport at 9 p.m. it's still over 100 degrees. A perfect way to warm up after sitting in one of those chilly airplane cabins.


Yaj said...

By the way, there is an ad in the paper out here:

"Arizona beach house for sale at [that] golf course. It has a nice view of the water! Good price, no hurricanes and real quiet setting. Low, um NO doc FSBO. Please call my Trac phone, xxx-xxx-xxxx."

Should I call?

rachel tanner said...

Well, I think Arizona is amazing, and you and Robin should move down here immediately.

the guitarist from hell said...

I think it was actually 125 degrees on the golf course when we played.

Thanks for coming down to support the family.


Yaj said...

You mean the signs there only come in two languages? Rookies...