06 June 2008

National Yo-Yo Day!

Happy National Yo-Yo Day!

Interesting yo-yo facts:
  • Many believe that the yo-yo originated in China around 500 B.C. This is unconfirmed, though, because none of the toys made in China back then were very high quality or lasted very long. Hey, just like today!
  • The first yo-yo in the US, known then as the bandalore, appeared in the 1800's. However, the yo-yo wasn't made popular in the US until the 1900's, by businessman Donald F. Duncan. Duncan is often miscredited with inventing the modern yo-yo when in fact he purchased Pedro Flores' Yo-Yo Manufacturing Company in 1932 and called it Duncan Toys Company. National Yo-Yo Day was established as June 6th in honor of Duncan's birthday. If not for this blog, would you have even known that? Sorry Duncan, it looks like you got ripped off.
  • Here is a cool Mountain Dew commercial about yo-yos.
  • Cellist Yo-Yo Ma was named after the yo-yo when his dad won the National Yo-Yo Contest in 1955.
  • Here's a picture of one of my mission companions on the streets of Potenza, Italy in 1998. I don't really remember why he brought his yo-yo with us while we were knocking on doors that day (or why brought a yo-yo to the mission), but I remember when he threw that sleeper in the snow I laughed a lot.

Ever wanted to impress a girl with a yo-yo trick? Here's your chance:

Walk The Dog

Step 1: To take your "doggie" for a walk, start by throwing a fast sleeper.
Walk the Dog yo-yo trick steps 1 and 2.
Throw a fast sleeper and let the spinning
motion pull the yo-yo along the ground.

Step 2:
Swing the yo-yo slightly forward and set it lightly on the ground. Let its spinning motion gently pull it along the ground. The yo-yo may snap back to your hand, but keep trying.

Walk the Dog yo-yo trick step 3.
While the yo-yo is still spinning, give it
a slight tug to bring "doggie" home.

Step 3: Before the yo-yo stops spinning, give a slight tug, and the "doggie" will return to your hand.

Be careful not to perform this trick on concrete surfaces, such as a sidewalk or a driveway. The rough surface can seriously damage the edge of your yo-yo. The best surface for this trick is a firm rug or carpet.


Yaj said...

I actually was a proud owner of the Butterfly Yo-yo! Because of all the tricks I could do it was my favorite one - red, just like your picture! Thinking further mine did not have your picture, but it looked like your picture - well, not YOUR picture but your picture on the blog. Your picture minus YOUR picture looks just like my good ole' Butterfly Yo-yo! Get the picture?

Ponderable: Apparently Yo-yo's mother got in on the name too... She did that so she could get in on his fame - "Hewo, I Yo-yo's Ma."

I never impressed anyone with my "Walk the Doggie," well, except for the doggie...

No old Chinese yo-yo's left? Must have had lead in them... fortunately we Americans found out that there was lead in their modern toys too, and their diabolical plan to kill off all American children failed miserably!

Zhai zheng round eyes!

shortino said...

nice to get a picture of lomu on here! too bad you don't have any action shots of the rumble in potenza.