08 June 2008

NBA All-Ugly Second Team

At the start of this NBA season I made a post about my proposed NBA All-Ugly Team. That team had a few notable omissions. In honor of the NBA Finals beginning last week, please accept my additions:

Joakim Noah: You just knew this kid had potential to make the team ever since his college days at Florida. The weird thing is his mom is pretty hot.

Chris Kaman: Hey balding men everywhere, it's better just to shave it all off.

Latrell Sprewell: He once publicly turned down a 3-year, $21 million contract because he said it wasn't enough to feed his family. Everyone thought he was selfish and ungrateful but if you think about the cost of plastic surgery these days, he had a point.

Stephen Jackson: He violated his probation for brawling in the stands with fans at a Pistons game when he later shot his gun in the air at a strip club parking lot in "self-defense" but as you can see, he has bigger problems to worry about.

Tyrone Hill: By the power of Greyskull! Skeletor's in the house.

Scot Pollard: This dude is from Utah. I guess Scot has had a little too much fry sauce over the years.

Rep. Henry Waxman: He's not really connected to the NBA, but his connection to sports is that he's the Congressman who led the Roger Clemens steroids hearing a couple months ago. I think we can agree to make an exception in this case and give him a spot on the team. (Note: this photo is not doctored.)


shortino said...

fun facts... latrell sprewell lives in milwaukee and had to recently sell his yacht (how's that $21 million sounding these days, mr. sprewell?). not sure how many people have yachts on the lake in milwaukee.

pollard once told kids to "do drugs" when the camera was right in his face while sitting on the bench (a common locus for him). not sure what he had to do beyond apologizing.

Yaj said...

How do you spell YIKES! ??

rachel tanner said...

man all those people are sled dogs.
for reals.
they be trippinnnn!

i believe it's spelled: y-i-k-e-s.