19 June 2008


Interesting facts about PEZ you wish you had known:
  • The 16th Annual PEZ Convention begins in St. Louis today.

  • The word PEZ comes from the German word "pfefferminz."

  • PEZ was invented in 1927 by Austrian Eduard Haas III as a peppermint breath mint for adults who smoked.

  • It wasn't until 1955 that they put heads on the dispensers and marketed them for kids.

  • PEZ does not allow tours of its factory (located in Orange, Connecticut.)

  • 3 billion pieces of PEZ candy in 8 flavors (Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Peppermint, Sugar-Free Lemon, Sugar-Free Orange, Sugar-Free Grape) are made each year in that factory. (Yes, kosher PEZ candy exists.)

  • There are over 300 different dispensers (I have 180 including doubles.)


two forks said...

wow, 180 dispensers? where do you store/display such a collection?

Yaj said...

The Pez dispenser is how I explain the Gospel concept of "dispensations" to kids.

The dispensation examples have fewer than 180 heads though...

Yaj said...

May I recommend a couple of the heads pictured to the right?