04 July 2008

Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July to all!

If you're looking for a little history of why we celebrate our independence from England on the 4th of July, you should probably go back to school. Or you could read this great article on Wikipedia.

And in case you were wondering where I was on the 4th the past 16 years, just scroll down.

2008--Victoria, BC
2007--Seattle, WA
2006--Seattle, WA
2005--Siena, Italy
2004--Leesburg, VA
2003--Waterford, VA
2002--Provo, Utah
2001--Provo, Utah
2000--Provo, Utah
1999--Olbia, Italy
1998--Mondragone, Italy
1997--State College, PA
1996--Herndon, VA
1995--Herndon, VA
1994--Herndon, VA
1993--Perry Hall, MD
1992--Nags Head, NC

Past holiday greetings:





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Yaj said...

They celebrate the Fourth in British Columbia?