16 July 2008

Late Night Make Your Own Commercial Contest

If you normally watch TV at 12:30 at night or have a DVR you probably already know about Conan O'Brien's latest contest. If not, you can watch this video:

After seeing that first entry I thought, "Hey, I could do better than that. I've already produced a successful and critically-acclaimed music video." So I got to work in my studio and submitted my own commercial a few weeks ago. Well, on Monday night they showed the three finalists and mine wasn't one of them. Yeah, I can't believe it, either:

Combine such a high quality production and the tens of readers that check my blog every day, and now Conan's ratings can't go anywhere but up. Conan, you owe me one.

1 comment:

Yaj said...

Well, if your didn't make it, shame on Conan O'Brien! Didn't the guy in the bath tub get it in the last Godfather movie? How did he show up there?