07 July 2008

Dear Canadians,

I enjoyed my stay this weekend in your beautiful country. Frankly, you're not so different from us Americans.

Your people speak English and are very friendly.

You drive the same cars that we do.

You eat the same fast food...

...and drink the same coffee as us.

Your grocery stores carry the same Coke...

...and chips as ours (but I didn't try that weird Ketchup flavor.)

I just have one question: What's the deal with your milk???




shortino said...

And you didn't even salute our brothers to the north with a "Goodnight Canada." I don't think your Tony Wii character would approve.

two forks said...

oh come on! everybody knows "homo" milk does the body good!

Yaj said...

The one Canadian missionary in our mission had never heard of M&M's!! So apparently they aren't exactly like us.

Is that Homo Milk why Canadian Mountie Dudley Dooright never married Lil' Nell?

And are the Canadians trying to bring that word back? Eh?