11 July 2008

Spite: Obey Your Thirst

I gave you a glimpse of a common, yet seldom addressed, part of life some time ago with my expose', Spite: An Essay. To further this glimpse, I thought you might enjoy a good example of some spite in daily life.

Well, a little while ago I decided I wanted to be a collector of vinyl records, new and old. So we got a turntable and I started looking for my favorite albums all over again, this time on vinyl. No, it doesn't really make sense to re-buy an album you already have on CD, but vinyl really is more fun to listen to than CDs. You'll just have to try it out to know what I mean. Or read this article in Rolling Stone.

Anyway, I've been looking for months for this Badly Drawn Boy album, About A Boy. It's a delightful movie and an even better soundtrack. And you just don't find this one on eBay too often. Then one day--BAM!!! Two were listed on eBay at the same time, both in perfect condition! One was 19.99 plus 4.50 shipping. The other was 12.99 plus 7.99 shipping. Both were steals so I put them in my Watch queue. I ended up winning the 19.99 album with the only bid and was happy about my purchase.

Then I noticed in my Watch queue that gregory_s_g had bid on the 12.99 album and the auction was about to end with him paying less than I did for mine. I also noticed that gregory_s_g had multiple bids for this item, even though no one else had placed a bid. This meant that he upped his original bid in case someone else came along and placed a last-second bid. He wanted to make sure he won the album. Sure, I was going to let him win the album; but I placed a few bids to up his total so that we paid the same price. I didn't want to go too high and end up with two of the same vinyls so I only raised the price from 12.99 to 15.49. But add 7.99 shipping and we paid just about the same amount. In the end I felt much better, gregory_s_g and I both got our Badly Drawn Boy vinyls, and spite came through again.


Yaj said...

Oooooh the spite of it all !!

Let Greggie boy have it! Nothing like a little Schadenfreude to make your day! Actually that was a good little technique - goal sought, goal accomplished... well, you had to do something after all - I did notice that both boys on the album were very badly drawn.

Had Greg known your technique was on purpose he would have spit on your spite -- tuh! tuh!

shortino said...

Sweet maneuver. Just playing the game.

TRI-UPS said...

Wow, being spiteful on mario kart is one thing and being spiteful on ebay is another. The spite remains in the whimsical mushroom kingdom. No one is hurt, no one suffers, no one pays too much for a collectible vinyl.... You crossed the line this time. Once you take spite out of the mushroom kingdom you're just asking for your princess to be kidnapped.