22 August 2008

Dear Skymall,

It has come to my attention that persons at your Skymall headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, read my recent blog entry entitled Skymall: Going Beyond the Ordinary. These persons made multiple return trips to my blog on the mornings of August 20 and August 21. You probably didn't realize that Oh Pepper? had the resources to know that your IP address is, that your server is called janus.skymall.com, or that you accessed Oh Pepper? with various internet browsers at different times, but it does.

I don't know how you found my blog or why you are reading it, but
I can only assume that your intentions are malicious. I vow that if you attempt to suppress my rights to free speech in any way, you can be sure I will fight you to the bitter end.

So Skymall, if you want me, why don't you come and get me! You could drive up here to Seattle in the Cruizin' Cooler. It probably gets great mileage. Maybe if you get hungry you could cook yourself a delicious dog in your Pop-Up Hot Dog Cooker (don't forget the bun) and bust out the Caddie Cooler for a cold and refreshing beverage. And when you need a little rest for your weary head, why not relax in a sitting position on the Skyrest Travel Pillow? Lucky for you, all of these amazing products are available in one place (and you probably get a discount.)


**Addendum: As of 8/26, Oh Pepper? has been accessed 15 times by persons at Skymall headquarters.


Yaj said...

Stand your ground Big Guy! Remember Thomas Payne!! Poor Richard!! Little Richard!! King Richard the Lion Hearted!! Richie Rich!! Rickie Ricardo*!! Free speechers all!!

* You don't have no splainin' to do...

Yaj said...

Fifteen times! Don't they only have to win by two?

Actually, the Skymall folks probably think you are a riot and ready to hire you for spoof commentary on some of their products. I'll bet it's Skymall employees who have heard about the blog posting and tuning in to have a good time, at the expense of the boss...

"So," said the bartender to the horse, "why the long face?"

Tara said...

I have to agree with yaj. It probably is a bunch of Skymall employees who think their stuff is just as usless and hilarious as the rest of us.

Michael said...

I think they are coming back to steal pictures off of your blog. Next thing you know it will be your face we see superimposed on the body of the women riding the cruzin' cooler. You're gonna be a big star c-biscuit, get ready.