16 September 2008

Dear Editor

During my time at BYU I wrote a few letters to the school newspaper, the Daily Universe. (No blog back then.) A lot of students used the Letters to the Editor page to write about "serious" topics and complain about the latest BYU "controversy." For example: the NCMO website or girls wearing one-strap backpacks. But I mostly tried to write letters just to see what I could get printed.

Some letters were stupid like this one:

And this one:

Sometimes I exposed too much power in the wrong hands:

And I silenced whiners with logic, reason, and math:

Other letters were thought-provoking:

But this was probably my favorite because I riled someone up:

And here's the response:

I like the part where she tells me to "stay in bed and keep dreaming of taking on the world." Maybe I will, Cami Cheney of Livermore, California. The other best part about this story is that when I talked about being "picked up on" more often when I was wearing my pajamas, I was mainly talking about this one girl who would always sit at my study table in the Wilk on those days and chat me up. The day the letter was printed, she sat by me and said, "Nice letter." I don't think she ever realized she was the one picking up on me, but she was.


Michael said...

The security guard was probably just mad that he didn't get is 25 cent raise!

two forks said...

what girls really want: massages, treats, surprises, chapsticks, smoothies, dollars and the hdtv all to themselves!!

Yaj said...

Wow, big GOTCHA!

Here's another one - I was the security guard...

Sara G said...

The great thing about attending BYU as a married student is that I didn't care much about my appearance. I loved wearing my PJ's to school and quite often I didn't bother showering or doing my hair. Besides, my wedding ring was like male repellant anyway, so who cares what I looked (or smelled) like. And I feel as though I am taking on the world just fine Miss Cheney!

The Edwards Clan said...

This is why you should have stayed at Penn State. You could have worn whatever you wanted and no one would have cared at all.

Bethanne said...

That is hilarious! I cannot believe some of those letters...good grief!

shortino said...

I once wrote a letter trying for an allowance of mullets with the grooming standards. I once got written up for having sideburns too long at the testing center. Seriously. They were barely past my ears. I didn't even know. It's not like I was growing mutton chops (or like I even could... I couldn't grow a full beard until I got married. When I became a man. heh heh).