19 September 2008

National Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Arrrr! Ye'll click here if ye know what's best for ye, land lubbers!


Yaj said...

This might sound like pandering, but my morning inspection today happened while the sellers were decorating the house for a party tonight - National Talk Like a Pirate Day... NOT kidding here!!

I had never before heard of it. The house is decorated, they are wearing costumes, there is a treasure map to gold (chocolate) coins in a treasure box in the yard, big party - they are decking out for this event! I came home to this post.

Should I mention on Sunday that my son has a spoof blog spot on N.T.L.a.P.D. I will probably be set upon by a gaggle of scratching, spitting parrots. I might escape, but barely... (see my comments for the "Breaking Dawn" post...)

Maybe the dawn will break and I will be saved. Avast - I am REALLY behind the times...!! Aargh?

Question - is Summers' ex-wife's name Polly? And is she a cracker?

shortino said...

I happened to go sailing with my wife last year on talk like a pirate today. You better believe that we got the sailboat with the skull and crossbones flag.