11 October 2008

Business As Usual

This is my old roommate, Nate. Today is his birthday. Happy Birthday, Nate. He is a great guy but a few months ago I became very concerned about my dear friend. Read on, and you'll see why.

I think we all know Exodus 20:8: "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy." But maybe you haven't read this illuminating paragraph from President Spencer W. Kimball's landmark book, The Miracle of Forgiveness:

"We have become a world of Sabbath breakers. On the Sabbath the lakes are full of boats, the beaches are crowded, the shows have their best attendance, the golf links are dotted with players. The Sabbath is the preferred day for rodeos, conventions, family picnics; and ball games are played on the sacred day. 'Business as usual' is the slogan for many, and our holy day has become a holiday. And because so many people treat the day as a holiday numerous others cater to the wants of the fun-lovers and money-makers."

This past May 11 (Sunday) after I returned from my uplifting and spiritual meetings at church, I turned on the TV to find a conference talk on BYU-TV. Unintentionally I happened upon the Lakers-Jazz playoff game being played in Salt Lake City. "How disgusting," I thought. "All those people breaking the Sabbath. President Kimball was right."

Then I noticed a familiar face in the crowd:

I was shocked! Was that Nate at the game?!?! I didn't want to believe it, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. But later I got a closer look:

That was him alright:

And he wasn't even wearing his church clothes! I, of course, always keep the Sabbath. I would never go to a Jazz game on Sunday. Nor have I ever gone to a Redskins game, left church early to see Phil Mickelson win the Masters, or purchased Mario Kart Wii on Sunday.

So Nate, what do you have to say for yourself? What's next? Leaving church early to hold a Super Bowl party for all of your old college roommates and buying ice at Chevron on the way? I guess Sunday is just "business as usual" for you. I hope you reconsider your rationalizing ways before it grows too late.

Let us all pray for Nate. And vote on the poll.

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Yaj said...

Get out the pitch forks and torches!!

Yaj said...

Since the peanut gallery is stunned to silence, I thought I would comment on the Sabbath, well, on the Sabbath but not about the Sabbath, so it's on the Sabbath, I guess, and you know what I mean, I suppose, like, um, today, after church and all... Well, anyway, he had a GREAT seat, though it appears he is alone, and I so voted...

His seat, and the fact that he didn't drag anyone else down into that pit along with him, obviously tempers the justice he so richly, and now publicly, earned, with Deserved Mercy.

A couple of sincere Hail Okurs would accomplish the same thing.

Now, if it was an upper deck, nose-bleed seat -- well, pitch forks and torches!!

Ben said...

Ha! Nothing else to add.

'L' said...

One time, I heard about this kid and his dad. They recently broke the Sabbath to go to the MEGADETH and BLACK SABBATH: HEAVEN AND HELL REUNION CONCERT!!! Such irony in the title of the concert and the decision this father-son combo has made that will ultimately end up jeopardizing their chances to go to the real heaven. May our Heavenly Father help us all!

two forks said...
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two forks said...

wait a minute, i think i know this kid and his dad...

BeeBop said...

I can't believe i am going to say this, but i think i might have been sick that day so i was unable to attend my sunday meetings. i might have flipped the channel to that very game and saw the same thing Christian saw. Shame on you Nate. Christian your name says it all, you are truly a christian in every sense of the word.

Nathan said...

A word from the perpetrator (emphasis a the perp).

First of all, a very grateful heart thanks you for the well wishes on the birthday. Just like the Jazz thought back in 1998, "This is Our Year!" Well hopefully Michael Jordan doesn't drill a game winning shot against me. (He pushed off).

Second, as to the above mentioned act. On certain days I like to read the Bible literally. On those days I actually see the world covered in water and the Sabbath on Saturday. Therefore I remain innocent from the stones of death.

Last, I got my birthday present for which I will have to practice my literal interpretation of the Bible, and all I need say is let's get planning. My thought is, my parent's own a huge condo in Midway that we can take over for M2K (of which I got that as well on my birthday), skiing, and a short journey to the Rigby manor. Can't wait.