16 October 2008

Serres Farm Pumpkin Patch With My Buddy

Last weekend My Buddy and I went to the pumpkin patch that we visit together every autumn. He loves how the leaves change this time of year. I love the crisp fall air. It was just a beautiful day.

He helped me choose just the right pumpkin to carve for Halloween.

He ain't heavy, he's my armadillo.

And like always, he got lost again. That little rascal!

Of course we made some time to goof off together. What a character!

And since he was so good, I let him pick some corn--his favorite.

All in all we had a great time together at the pumpkin patch this year. It just goes to show everything is more fun with an armadillo.


Yaj said...

I miss Ymmm!


david & michal coombs said...

christian, you should write up your little my buddy adventures as children's books--i'll illustrate! it'll be a smash hit! we can even mass market a little stuffed armadillo to go with the book, and make little stuffed tag-along collectables to go with each book--you know, like a vending machine from work, a pumpkin, tulips, etc. let me know and i'll get started on the sketches:.)

two forks said...

man, that armadillo has all the fun!

Julia said...

You're insane.